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Bridgeview Address:
21-21 41 Ave, #3B, Long Island City NY 11101
Tel. (718) 937-1300

Bridgeview Sponsors:

Himmelstrasse Foundation, London, UK
is a continuing sponsor of Bridgeview's Scholarship Class for gifted children.

Mr. and Mrs. Greg McGorry
David Fishelson and Erana Kratounis
Stephen and Elena Heinz
Michael and Lorna Belkin
Louis Magnani
Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation
Arthur Foundation
Leon and Fern Jaffee
Vladimir Prosikhin and Nadya Papernaia
Susan Watkins
Richard Mills
Patrick Kealy
Kay Murray
Stephen and Elena Heinz
Tatiana Hogan
Leonid and Victoria Lipovchenko
John Connor
Charles Woodworth
Lars Cederholm
Louis Magnani
Andrea Cheszar
Michael and Lorna Belkin
John Mandel
Jock Ireland
Stella and Alexander Margulis
Materials for the Arts (New York Department of Culture)
Sculpture Studio of the New York Cathedral of St. John the Divine

We thank Nikolai Mostovoy for donating his outstanding drawings executed by him in 1949-51.

We thank the following individuals for donating their valuable time and services:

Bruce Gagnier
Cybele Plywaski
Maja Cheszar
Louis Magnani
Lars Cederholm
Stella Sfiris
Marina Levitski
Kevin and Laurie Kendrick
Howard Gladstone
Michael Curtis
Greg Hedberg
Rustem Galich

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