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Compilations of student work over the years

Advanced Drawing. Figure/Portrait

Paintings by students of Iliya Mirochnik.

Drawings by Beginner/Intermediate students

College Portfolio Class

Paintings by Bridgeview students

Drawings by Bridgeview students

Landscape Painting on Location Blog

Sculpture by Bridgeview students

Copying from the Old Masters and Old Master techniques

Personal Student Galleries

Art by Elena Rykoff, student of Iliya Mirochnik

Art by Anna Kucheryavaya, 1st and 2nd year at Bridgeview

Art by Pilita Kwan, 1st and 2nd year at Bridgeview

Art by Teenagers. Ausra Pranevicius.

Art by Teenagers. Sasha Miasnikova.

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Ilya Mirochnik

Lena Murray

Tim Dose

James Sondow

Boris Tyomkin

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