Age 7 - 9

Art Fundamentals for Children. Drawing, Painting, Composition.

Even the youngest of our students follow a pretty rigorous curriculum. Students work both from from observation and imagination. They learn a variety of media including pencils, markers, pastels and acrylics. They start tackling such fundamental basics as perspective, composition, proportions and volume. Our experienced teachers present these complicated concepts in a manner that captivates their attention. The still life setups are always interesting and imaginative. The objects are often made by the instructors whose backgrounds in many cases involve not just fine arts but also theater and set design.

Tuition: $500 for 12 weeks of classes including all professional-grade materials

Tuesday 4.30 - 6.15 pm  
Instructor Ilya Mirochnik

Thursday 4 - 5.45 pm
Instructor Leo Kundas

Thursday 4 - 5.45 pm
Instructor Felix Sherman

Sunday 2.15 - 4:00 pm
Instructor Lena Romanova