Why Bridgeview

We guarantee that you will significantly improve your art skills.

In a friendly but serious atmosphere our highly experienced teaches approach each student individually. It is not unusual that the small group is broken into sections where students work on assignments of varying complexity. Our teachers are 100% invested in your success. They help you at every stage of your work and honestly share all of their knowledge with you.

No matter whether you want to become a professional or just do it for fun, if you apply yourself, you will learn the fundamental techniques and philosophies behind art and will see tremendous improvement.

All of our teachers are practicing artists who make a living from making art. That's why they value imagination and creativity as much as technique. Therefore, to inspire you we always include lessons from the Old and Modern Masters, by showing books and explaining how they went about creating their masterpieces.

Bridgeview faculty fully represents the classical tradition

Almost every member of the Bridgeview faculty can trace his lineage to a great 19th century artist. While artists in Western Europe and America were turning towards abstraction, the Russian academies, isolated by the Iron Curtain, adhered to the classical methods of art education. That does not mean that they all are classical artists today. Some have remained more traditional, and some are successful in contemporary arts. However, they believe that traditional art education is the best venue for understanding any kind of art.

Bridgeview teachers received the most rigorous academic training.

Russian art training is very similar to ballet or classical music, where talented children are selected at a very young age to attend specialized schools, later colleges and ultimately an academy. On average, art training in Russia lasts for 20 years.

Our teachers were educated in real academies, some of these as old as 300 years. They not only drew, painted or sculpted, but also studied anatomy, perspective, art history, composition, techniques and materials of painting, art restoration and many other disciplines that aren't taught in most countries today as a complex of knowledge that every artist should possess.

Bridgeview School's location is also a special advantage.

Located in Long Island City (Queens), Bridgeview is in the midst of cultural renewal. Its neighbors include PS 1 Contemporary Art Center, the Noguchi Museum, and the Sculpture Center, just to name a few. We are only one subway stop from Manhattan close to several subway lines.