College Prep


Photo of Director of College Admissions from Pratt Institute is visiting Bridgeview to critique portfolios and advise students on college admissions.

2021 - 2022 Academic Calendar

  • Fall Semester: September 13 - December 5 (12 weeks)

  • Winter Semester: January 10 - April 3 (12 weeks)

  • Spring Semester: April 4 - June 26 (12 weeks)

  • Summer Session I: July 6 - Aug 2 (4 weeks)  Summer Session II August 3 - 30 (4 weeks)

This class is ideal for HS students or adults who want to develop a high quality scholarship-earning portfolio. Usually we start with HS freshmen and continue working with them through the senior year when applications are due. Bridgeview has the most successful record of our students getting into the most competitive colleges, sometimes on full scholarships. SVA, Pratt, Cooper Union, MICA, RISD, FIT, Art Institute of Chicago and many others.

The Saturday classes focus more on drawing. General progression is from still life to portrait/self-portrait to the human figure. Media may include pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor.

The Sunday class focuses on painting techniques in oils, watercolors or other media of your choice. Same progression from still life to the human body is usually followed. Saturday is usually required as a prerequisite for the Sunday class unless a student has substantial formal training either from Bridgeview or LaGuardia or both.

Some design/composition/perspective/story board assignments are also given to students preparing specific portfolios for specific art majors like animation, interior design, fashion, illustration, architecture etc.

Time permitting, visits to studios of practicing artists and field trips to Museums and galleries will also be arranged in addition to working in class.

As an additional benefit for students, Bridgeview invites college admissions councilors who talk about their colleges and also review students' portfolios.

Nude models are used in this class, so parental consent is required.

Minimum Age 14

Saturday 4 - 7 pm
Instructor Leonid Shoshensky

Painting. Still Life and Portrait
Monday 4 - 6.15 pm 
Instructor Sasha Budaev
$470 (12 sessions) for Fall/Winter/Spring
3 spots

Life Drawing. Portrait/Figure/Anatomy
Monday 6.15 - 9.00 pm 
Instructor Sasha Budaev
$470 (12 sessions) for Fall/Winter/Spring
1 spot

Summer Schedule: 

Monday 3.30 - 6 pm for Summer
Instructor Sasha Budaev
$400 (8 sessions)
Space Available

Monday 6 - 9 pm. Portrait/Figure Drawing. Anatomy for Artists.
8 weeks July and August, but partial registration possible with minimum of 6 weeks if traveling
$400 (materials not included)
Instructor Sasha Budaev

Saturday 3 - 6 pm. Drawing, Painting, Composition. Special college portfolio projects.
8 weeks July and August, but partial registration possible with minimum of 6 weeks if traveling
$400 (materials not included)
Instructor Leonid Shoshensky