Programs for Kids

2021 - 2022 Academic Calendar

  • Fall Semester: September 13 - December 5 (12 weeks)

  • Winter Semester: January 10 - April 3 (12 weeks)

  • Spring Semester: April 4 - June 26 (12 weeks)

  • Summer Session I: July 5 - Aug 1 (4 weeks)  Summer Session II August 2 - 29 (4 weeks)

Bridgeview program is based on the time-tested methods developed by the Russian schools for artistically gifted children, and adapted for special needs of American schools and colleges. Students accomplish a series of assignments in a specific progression, from easier to more complex ones. The general progression is from still life to portrait to human figure. Design-oriented and creative assignments are also part of the program.

Students gain mastery of different media including acrylic paints, watercolors, pencil, charcoal and pastels, and even clay for the younger kids.

Bridgeview School is different. Our atmosphere is informal, but serious. While we make sure that the assignments are interesting to the children, they also teach them specific lessons, whether it is proportions or perspective or color theory or spatial design. Many of our instructors, in addition to their classical training and in-depth knowledge of art history, also have experience in theater and costume design. Therefore, it is not unusual for our students to paint a Picasso-inspired cubist guitar or a theatrical mask made specifically for a still life setup by one of our teachers.

We also help with portfolio preparation for high schools and college. Most Bridgeview students successfully pass auditions to LaGuardia, Bayside, Frank Sinatra and Art and Design High Schools. Bridgeview students received generous, sometimes even full college scholarships based on merit. Our students consistently receive awards and many have been featured by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Natasha Fishelson, Ysabel Grace Simon, Christopher Pereira, Ethan Rivera).

The following Bridgeview instructors work with our children and youth: Boris Kulikov, Leo KundasPolina Osnachuk, Felix ShermanSasha BudaevLena Romanova.

Congratulations to 25 Bridgeview Students for being accepted to the following high schools for 2019-2025 academic year! Almost 100% acceptance this year, all who applied got in, except for 1.

17 accepted into Laguardia, all who applied.

Gabriel Witzke - Laguardia and Beacon
Vasiliki Zakharakis - Laguardia and Art and Design
Ocean Price - Laguardia and Frank Sinatra
Jaclyn Markham – Laguardia and Frank Sinatra
Matias Fernandez – Art and Design
Pedro Morales - LaGuardia and full scholarship to St. Francis Prep, invited to Honors Art Program
Marina Kikkawa – Laguardia and Frank Sinatra
Fiamma Noto - LaGuardia and Edward Murrow
Michelle Olhoviks - Bronx Science and St. Francis Prep with full scholarship.
Kostya Dubovsky – Stuyvesant, didn’t apply to art high schools
Alyssa Joscher - Laguardia
Ariana Jimenez – Lagurdia and Frank Sinatra
Lucca Guevarez – Art and Design
Nadine McCall – Edward Murrow
Antonia Floratos – Laguardia
Yuna Moorvan – Laguardia
Lulu Tomahawk – Laguardia and Frank Sinatra
Ruby Kavanagh – Laguardia and Art and Design
Fiorella Wells – Laguardia
Saamiya Sugrim - Laguardia
Natsumi Cortes-Furuya - Art and Design
Daniela Sueiro - Laguardia and Beacon
Natalie Belyakov - Laguardia
Elijah Hollman - Laguardia
Hailey Brown - Laguardia and Frank Sinatra

Please note that this video is from 2007 and some of the information is not uptodate. Our student body has grown several times since then.

School Policies

All of Bridgeview teachers were trained in Russia and Eastern Europe, where only those who showed exceptional talent at an early age were allowed to pursue professional art careers, just like in music or sports. As a result, they possess almost every skill imaginable, they are versatile in the visual language and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to artistic styles, media or art history. These artists are world-known painters, sculptors, theater and costume designers and book illustrators. Many have work in museum collections. They are also exceptional educators because they are passionate about art and they like working with children.

After being in business since 2001, we have reached a point where we can't expand our programs, so the school is operating at full capacity. Since our groups are kept intentionally small to allow for a highly individualized approach and due to the fact that on average students stays with us for 5-6 years (many stay longer, from elementary school until college), we can only accept a handful of new students each semester.

Bridgeview is like family, where every student is given a lot of individual attention based on his or her unique abilities (some are better with color, some with design, some with imagination and etc.)

Our pricing is very reasonable. Bridgeview classes are the longest, 2-3 hours long in small groups of 6-8 kids with professional grade materials provided by the school free of charge with utmost generosity. Similar programs might cost twice as much with not nearly as impressive results.

Having said all that, and space permitting, we are happy to accept new students. We accept everyone who is eager to learn, regardless of their skill level. 

Considering our efforts to keep the school small, atmosphere personable and nurturing to those who are committed to learning, we have certain rules which you need to accept before you sign up.

  • During registration we begin with Priority Registration for our regular students. New students can only join after Priority registration is finished. That means that you might not get into your ideal time slot, so you should be more flexible at least when you first sign up. We apologize but there is not much we can do about it, so please do not ask us to "squeeze you in".
  • We accept students of ages 8 and up only due to the complexity, maturity requirements and longer than average class time. No exceptions. We routinely ask for a birth certificate or other proof of age.
  • On time arrival and pick up of children is a must. If parents or students consistently abuse this policy, Bridgeview might not re-enroll the student for the next semester.
  • One make-up for a missed class per semester is allowed provided it is arranged in advance with the school director via email. College Portfolio students can have any number of make-ups by attending adult classes.
  • Make-ups are only offered as a courtesy, and might not fit your schedule, so you have to be flexible. They are not guaranteed, only space permitting.
  • There is no transfer of make-ups to the next semester or tuition credits for missed classes.
  • We reserve the right to expel or deny enrollment to students who are disruptive or behave badly. 
  • If your child has a learning disability or any other health issue, please let us know in advance. We are not certified to work with severely disabled students.
  • Visiting the school or observing a class is possible only with prior appointment.
  • Parents are allowed in class only during drop-off and pick-up. Under no circumstances can parents stay in the classroom during class. Same goes for siblings, friends or babysitters.
  • Students may withdraw one week before the first day of the semester by notifying the school in writing by e-mail. Tuition refund will be provided minus $30 cancellation fee. No refunds after that. 
  • Most of our groups get full one month before the semester begins at the end of Priority Registration. Once the group is closed, its status is posted online and nobody else can join. 
  • We are often asked to write letters of recommendation. Unfortunately, we are not able to do this unless a student has been with us for most of his school life, is applying for college and shows outstanding accomplishments as an artist. 
  • There are no discounts on tuition. Tuition is paid in full to secure your spot in class.
  • Bridgeview does not charge any administrative or other fees on top of tuition.
  • Trial class before enrolling is possible for a $50 fee, provided that we can accommodate an extra student. Trial class can't be taken at the beginning of the semester, only toward the middle or end.
  • For ages 12 and under we prefer not to have siblings or close friends in the same group since it often is disruptive to the class. Sometimes we may be able to accommodate you by signing the siblings up for the same time slot but in two separate groups with separate teachers, but it is not always possible.